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Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography
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Viewforth High School

Website Design

Viewforth High School approached us to develop a website that will serve as a hub for teachers, pupils and parents.

Part of the requirement was to ensure that teachers and staff members can update their own sections, and publish daily news items of interest for pupils and parents.

To enable this we provided face-to-face tutorials with key staff members and tailored video tutorials which staff members can access from the dashboard.

The school required most of their documentation to be made available online for easy access. Another request was to ensure that the site is responsive to cater to parents that access internet services via their mobile devices. Lastly, accessibility features were required to enable access to the website for those with any kind of disability that may impact on their ability to access the website normally.

From initial consultations, and the school requesting over 300 pages of content, we managed to streamline their processes, remove duplication, and simplify the navigation process down to 79 pages shared among 12 top level pages, including an active blog.

Staff are now responsible for maintaining and updating the website whilst we continue to create video tutorials (where required) and provide ongoing technical support.